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Safety Film

Safety window films are most commonly used to strengthen glass and contain fragments in the event of accidental breakage. Primary areas to consider are doorways with glass or windows that may be vulnerable to accidental or intentional breakage. Safety window films are designed to contain all or most of the glass fragments thus preventing injury or contamination (in the case of food manufacturing). The recommended thickness of the Safety window film will depend on the desired level of protection. For example; a food processing plant should use the highest strength window film available (7mil with a break strength of no less than 110 lbs./ which will ensure the best protection possible. The window film should be installed on the side of the glass where fragments are to be contained. Optionally, the window film can be installed on both sides of the glass which would result in a much higher retention of glass fragments. Also, it is recommended to apply a bead of silicone around the edges where the window film meets the frame.

Safety Window Film - Installation

Safety window films are not intended to withstand the same extreme pressures that security windows films are and therefore may not require behind the frame installation or silicone anchoring. Both offer better protection but are optional.

  • 4mil to 7mil or thicker, 120 – 200 + p.s.i. break strength.
  • Clear, tinted, and privacy versions are available.
  • Holds glass shards together, and protects against injury and thus liability.
  • Dance and martial arts studios (mirrors), homes on golf courses, bus shelters, and indoor swimming pools with glass.
  • Hurricane and tornado protection, high winds, and wind-born debris.
  • Cost range = $5.00 – $8.00 per square foot + silicone if applicable

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